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Bicycle Accident

Many people choose to ride bicycles for pleasure, or to commute to and from work or other places. Most of them choose to take safety precautions when riding, such as wearing a helmet and riding in bike-safe areas. However, even when a bicyclist takes as many precautions as he or she can, it is still inherently dangerous to ride a bike where there are motor vehicles present. Many drivers of motor vehicles do not respect the fact that a bicyclist has the same rights to the road as they do, or fail to pay enough attention to their surroundings to avoid a potential collision with someone who is riding a bicycle.


Bicycle accidents are rarely catastrophic for the driver of the motor vehicle, but they are almost always serious for the person riding the bicycle. Head and brain injuries can occur even when the bicyclist is wearing a helmet, and other injuries such as internal organ damage, broken bones and limb amputations can occur. Unfortunately, many bicycle accidents are fatal.


If you or a loved one have been injured by a negligent driver of a motor vehicle while riding your bicycle, or a loved one has been killed in a bicycle accident, you need legal representation immediately. At the Injury Lawyers of Illinois, we understand the challenges of being involved in a bicycle accident and are prepared to devote our time, resources, knowledge and efforts to your case. We have helped many clients involved in bicycle accidents and their families obtain millions in settlement funds. We can do the same for you